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America’s Kids Belong Launches Dream Makers To Serve Kids Post Foster Care

America’s Kids Belong announced today that its Dream Makers Project will spin out to become an independent 501(c)(3) organization, serving the more than 23,000 youth who age out of foster care each year without a family. Dream Makers ( will serves aging-out youth by “fulfilling dreams” that help them navigate some of the financial challenges of adulthood.

Friends in Foster Care

So, Your Child Wants to Be Friends With a Kid in Foster Care…   School has started and your child has come home talking about another kid in class. As you begin to quiz your child about this new friend, you…

Cameras Rolling Just in the Nick of Time

"While we were filming 10 of Kentucky's kids, a caseworker who was there received a notice that no other children could be removed from the facilities. Had that message gotten to him 1 hour earlier, the child he brought would not have been able to come. That same child told us it was one of his best days and it reminded him of Easter!"