Become A Foster Friendly Business

“We offer foster families the same discounts as our staff. We have friends who foster and we’ve seen the power of stability for kids in care.”

– Kevin Kerkhof, Hitherto Coffee

 Supporting Local Foster Families Is A Win-Win For Your Business and Community

Your Business Can Provide Meaningful, Life-Changing Support That:

Social Wounds

Touches the top major
social wounds of society.


Is a nonpartisan issue.

Generational Change

Has power to create lasting, generational change
in your community.

If Your Business Operates In One Of Our 10
Foster Friendly States Join Our App Today

The Foster Friendly App connects your business with kinship and foster families to offer special offers and discounts. It is a tangible way to say, “We see you, appreciate you and you’re not alone.”

Foster Friendly Discounts Are About More Than A Free Lunch

Here are some of the ways businesses are making a difference: 

  • Salons – Discounts on self-care services for weary moms or a chance to help a child in foster care look and feel their best
  • Service Stations – Gas cards or discounts on oil changes to keep those important family vehicles running smoothly.
  • Recreation – Create an affordable family fun night at the movies, trampoline park, museum or zoo
  • Restaurants – Help families on-the-go afford a takeout meals or offer free kids’ menu options to give parents a break on meal prep
  • Groceries – Help foster families offset their extra grocery costs

Take the Next Step To Make Your Business Foster Friendly

Currently our Foster Friendly App serves kinship and foster families in our participating member states: California, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee , Utah and Virginia.

If your business operates in one of these states we invite you to join our App.

 If you’re in another state we invite you to explore our business impact partner programs.

Join the Foster Friendly movement and feature your business offer on our Foster Friendly App.

See How Other Business Leaders Answer The Call To Be Foster Friendly

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Support Foster Families in Your Community As A Business Impact Partner

America’s Kids Belong offers unique and effective corporate partner programs that offer simple ways for your business to show children and families in your community’s foster care system that they are seen and valued, and most of all that they belong

Here’s How Your Business’ Support Will Impact Kids Experiences and Outcomes In Foster Care

As a Business Impact Partner you can help:


Your Community

By providing tangible support to families who are fostering through our Foster Friendly App.


Children In Foster Care

By contributing financially to ensure they are seen and heard. Where we have a local presence your dollars will be earmarked to support kids in your community. Where we don’t you’ll help us expand our reach to new communities.


Your Employees

By including foster families in your benefits you encourage and support those who provide kinship and foster care, or adopt . Educate your staff on how to be trauma aware and welcoming to foster families.


Your Network

Leverage your business newsletter, social media and/or email to share that your business is Foster Friendly and amplify community awareness of kids filmed through our
I Belong Project over the past year who are seeking adoptive families.

Explore Business Impact Opportunities

We know your business is unique, and we would love to explore how these opportunities might work for your business.