Your Vocation Is The Solution For Local Foster Families

“We offer foster families the same discounts as our staff. We have friends who foster, and we’ve seen the power of stability for kids in care.”

– Kevin Kerkhof, Hitherto Coffee

As a local retailer you are solicited to support your community in countless ways, whether as volunteers or financial sponsors.

What if there was a way to make a powerful difference in the lives of children and families in need simply by doing what you do best, supplying your business services or offerings, but at a discount?

That’s the idea behind our Foster Friendly App. More than a “groupon” the offers on our App are designed to show foster and kinship families that they are seen, valued and appreciated, while also helping with the practical needs of temporarily adding more children to your family.

The most popular offers are for food / restaurants and family entertainment. But a diverse and robust array of offers together can start a Foster Friendly movement where all key sectors of the community rally around foster and kinship families to stand with them as the care for our communities’ most vulnerable kids.

Help Us Build a Foster Friendly Movement

When your business joins the Foster Friendly App you’re joining a movement, one that seeks to engage entire communities — businesses, faith communities, nonprofits and municipal leaders — to support current kinship and foster families, and provide the support needed to attract new foster parents until every child in foster care in your community has a place to belong. Foster Friendly Communities are where:

  1. There are enough licensed families retained and recruited to serve the kids in care.
  2. The mayor’s office proclaims the community’s aspiration to be Foster Friendly.
  3. 10% of retail businesses join the Foster Friendly App
  4. 5% of faith communities commit to become Foster Friendly by adopting 2 of our 3 best practices.

Imagine The Ways Your Business Can Help Foster Families Thrive

Help families offset expenses with special offers or discounts on food or home supplies.

If you offer a family-friendly restaurant or take-out, BOGOs for kids’ meals or other savings help families on-the-go keep everyone happy, not hungry.


Families who foster are intent on offering children experiences they might not otherwise have. Admitting kids in foster or kinship care for free is an easy way to help them create lifelong memories while having fun!

Some kids have never had a birthday party or other celebration to make them feel special. Discounts on a photography sitting, birthday cake, party venue or entertainment option can help families create those special moments.

Hair salons, nail salons and other personal care offers can help kids look and feel their best and/or offer a welcome indulgence for weary parents.

Home Services

Lawn care, landscaping, home cleaning and other household services can quickly fall by the wayside when juggling the demands of kids in need.

The Power Of Doing Ordinary Things With Extraordinary Purpose

Foster Friendly Business Tyler Hays shares the joy of using your natural talents and business assets to benefit vulnerable kids and families in your community.

You tell me about your life and there’s probably a way what you’re doing can benefit America’s Kids Belong.

Tyler Hays, owner, Vessul Videography

See How Other Business Leaders Are Answerin The Call To Be Foster Friendly

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Take the Next Step To Make Your Business Foster Friendly

We created a simple, one-step process for your business to apply to add an offer on our Foster Friendly App.

Once you’ve decided on your offer simply complete this form. We’ll reach out as soon as we receive your submission, confirm the details of your offer, and make it active on the App. Your discount will be helping foster families in no time!

Join Our Foster Friendly Movement And Feature Your Business On Our Foster Friendly App.

If you’re interested in learning more about Foster Friendly download our free guide. Here you’ll find more details about the range of business offers on the App and explore other ways your business can get involved, even if you can’t add an offer.

Support Foster Care To Enhance Your Business And Build A Better Community

Even if you’re unable to join the Foster Friendly App you still can make a powerful difference in the lives of children and families involved in foster care when you choose America’s Kids Belong to be your social responsibility partner.