Meet Some of The Amazing Kids in Foster Care Eligible for Adoption.

“I wish people knew that every kid needs just one person they can count on.”

– Sue Huggins Wise

I Belong Project Shines a Light On Unseen Kids In Foster Care Seeking Adoptive Families

One of the most important ways to begin learning about foster care is to hear the kids who are voiceless and see the unseen kids living right in our own communities.

Caring for kids in foster care is a unique and important calling. Parents who foster have a heart for kids in hard places and a desire to stand in the gap with them until they can be reunified with their biological families.

Adoption becomes an option only when reunification is not possible.

Watch some of the inspiring stories of kids seeking forever families.

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How The “I Belong Project” United Wylnn With Her Forever Family

“I couldn’t stop watching Wylnn’s video.”

Don’t See Your State?

America’s Kids Belong is rapidly expanding its footprint across the country. Even if you don’t see your state, we can help you begin to learn about what it takes to become a foster parent and locate resources in your state.

In some cases kids are open to being adopted out of state, so child welfare is happy to receive inquiries from out of state as well.

Help More Kids Create New Stories with Forever Families

Learn About the I Belong Project

Our I Belong Project is built on belief in the power of story to change lives.

I Belong Project uses high-quality videography to elevate the voices of children in foster care who are legally free for adoption, and give them a platform to share their desire for a loving, forever family.

Last year we produced 512 videos that inspired more folks to say “yes” to fostering, motivated more businesses and faith communities to take the first steps toward becoming Foster Friendly and helped 306 kids find forever families.

I Belong Project’s high-quality videos are a powerful, yet costly resource to produce. Your support can help fund more videos and increase our impact.