You Can Be Part Of Creating Belonging For Kids In Foster Care

There is a critical shortage of foster homes. Learn about what’s required and sign up for our summer webinar series to hear from parents and former foster youth.

We have the privilege to film and help raise awareness for kids in foster care seeking adoptive homes. Visit our I Belong Project gallery to meet waiting kids, and learn about foster-adopt.

Learn how your business or faith community can provide valuable supEven if you can’t foster you can make a huge difference by starting a Foster Friendly movement in your city or town.port to help retain and care for local foster families.

Every child deserves a future filled with hope, love, and the joy of belonging. Your financial support makes a lasting impact.

Join Our FosterCon Webinar Series

As you consider your next step to care for kids in foster care, a great way to decide what’s right for you and your family is to hear from others who have been there. Our 2024 webinar series is out and this year we have an exciting lineup where seasoned parents, trauma experts, former foster youth and other trusted voices share their perspectives, experiences and advice. Come and listen. Get your questions answered. Be inspired.

Review our lineup and reserve your spot today.

Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot

Buy Advance Tickets

Support The Film and Benefit America’s Kids Belong

Inspired by the powerful true story, Sound of Hope follows Donna and Reverend Martin as they ignite a fire in the hearts of their rural church to embrace kids in the foster system that nobody else would take. By doing the impossible–adopting 77 children–this East Texas community proved that, with real, determined love, the battle for America’s most vulnerable can be won.

As a Movement Partner supporting this film, America’s Kids Belong is encouraged by the opportunity to raise awareness of the need for more foster and adoptive families for kids in foster care, including the adoption-eligible children who are a part of our I Belong Project.

When you purchase advance tickets and take others with you you’ll be helping the film reach as many screens as possible, inspire more to explore fostering and adoption, and benefit America’s Kids Belong.


Open Your Home And Heart: Become A Foster Parent

If you’re interested in what it takes to become a foster parent you’re in the right place. You can learn about requirements, the process to get licensed, learn from current foster parents’ experiences, and explore the adoption process in foster care

3 Ways to Help Today:

Not everyone can foster or adopt, but we all can do something to help kids and families involved in foster care where we live and work. You can join our Foster Friendly movement by inviting retail businesses and churches in your community to become Foster Friendly.

Engage Your Faith Community

Learn about the 3 best practices of a Foster Friendly Faith Communities and help your church get started supporting foster and adoptive families in your community.

Invite Local Businesses

What are your favorite retail businesses? Coffee shops, restaurants, hair salons, family entertainment venues and many others can create offers for our Foster Friendly App that help foster families feel seen and valued. You can help expand our reach.

Chick Fil A in Indiana is Foster Friendly

Become A Foster Friendly Business

If your retail business relies on kids, families and parents to grow, you have the opportunity and privilege to show up for kids and families in foster care by creating an exclusive offer or discount on our Foster Friendly App. It’s a simple and impactful way to care for vulnerable kids in our state.

Indiana Kids Belong Is Part Of The America’s Kids Belong Family

We’re dramatically improving the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

We have 1 mission: FAMILY

We Target 2 Profound Problems

  • RECRUITMENT – Foster care has half as many foster parents as kids in care.
  • RETENTION – Half of new foster parents quit within a year.

We Offer 4 Signature Solutions

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Our I Belong Project video storytelling initiative films kids in need of adoptive families. It is the largest, most effective program of its kind that has the additional benefit of inspiring thousands of people each year to pursue adoption and fostering.

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We come alongside people ready to explore fostering and adoption to provide the inspiration and information they need to persevere in their journeys and find a way to help that is the right fit for their families now.

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Our Foster Friendly
Communities Movement and App target retention by equipping churches , businesses and entire communities to support, equip and encourage local foster families.

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Our coalition campaigns
leverage the convening authority of state governments to get businesses, faith communities and government working together to create collective and drive sustainable change in foster care.