Indiana Kids In Foster Care Are All Of Our Responsibility

10,250 Kids In Indiana Are In Foster Care Right Now

Imagine being 10 years old and being awakened in the middle of the night by a stranger…

who tells you in a gentle, yet unfamiliar voice, that you must leave home, due to a crisis that has nothing to do with you. And then in the midst of this turmoil you and your siblings are separated and placed in different homes.

This story has repeated itself in some form in the lives of 10,250 kids in our state over the past year.

WTHI Showcases Indiana’s Foster Friendly App

nationally, 50 percent of foster parents quit after the first placement or within the first year of fostering. [Indiana Kids Belong’s Alyssa Clark says] this is largely due to a lack of community and social support.
“We feel that it’s really important for every community member to figure out how they can make an impact so we often say, not everyone can be a foster parent, but everybody can do something.
The Foster Friendly app is free for everyone and is available in the App Store and Google Play.


Here’s How We Help Create Sustainable Change In Foster Care

Indiana Kids Belong is part of the America’s Kids Belong family, a nonprofit committed to dramatically improving the experiences and outcomes of kids in foster care.

family recruitment

Foster Family Recruitment

A family for every child

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

A Foster Friendly community for every family

Coalition for Change

Coalition for Change

Hope for foster care in every community

Meet the Kids

Nationwide nearly one-quarter of kids in foster care are legally free for adoption.
Our I Belong Project is a video storytelling initiative that gives kids a face and a voice and helps connect many of them with loving, forever families.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey to foster, a seasoned foster parent considering adoption or simply someone with a heart for vulnerable kids, we invite you to meet, listen to and see some of the amazing kids right here in our community in need of adoptive families.