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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.

– Simone Weil

6 Irresistible Reasons to Support Your Kinship, Adoptive and Foster Families

Here are just a few great reasons to support families already in your community and work to create a safe haven for new families seeking a place where they are welcomed and they belong. 


Foster parents are first responders, showing up in a time of crisis to stand in the gap with vulnerable kids. One of the most-cited reasons they stop fostering is lack of community and social support.


Justice, mercy and grace are core themes of Scriptures and for most faith traditions.


People in churches already care about foster care and adoption. Practicing Christians are twice as likely to adopt and three times more likely to consider fostering than the general population.


Foster care is a non-partisan, unifying issue.


Foster care is an upstream issue; it is at the root of homelessness, sex trafficking, incarceration and many other social wounds. 


Foster families need safe places where they and their kids can find community and respite. 

What does a Foster Friendly Faith Community Look Like?

Here Are The 3 Best Practices To Become A Foster Friendly Faith Community.

Choose at least two to qualify for our Foster Friendly App.


Ensure volunteers in child and youth ministry are trauma aware.

Offer trauma awareness training to staff, children and youth volunteers annually to ensure those serving in children and youth ministries are aware of the impact trauma can have on infants, children and teens.


Support kinship, adoptive and foster families.

Launch a ministry to support foster, kinship and adoptive families. America’s Kids Belong offers ideas and tools to help.


Teach on foster / adoption care at least once annually.

Teach in a main gathering on God’s heart for vulnerable children and families and give people an opportunity to respond. People of faith are significantly more likely to say yes to foster care and adoption than the general population. Your community can be part of changing who waits by reducing the gap in certified foster families. 

As you get started be sure to explore our free Foster Friendly Resources page for useful guides and tools.

Take the Next Step to Become Foster Friendly

Ready To Commit?

Sign The Foster Friendly Faith Pledge

When your faith community is ready to commit to at least two of the three best practices of a Foster Friendly Faith Community, we invite you to complete this Foster Friendly pledge. When you do we’ll add you  to our Foster Friendly App, which kinship and foster families use to seek welcoming and supportive faith communities.


Download this printable version of the Foster Friendly Pledge to review with your faith community leadership. When you are ready to sign the commitment below.


When you are ready sign the commitment below.