How America’s Kids Belong Is Improving Foster Care Outcomes

We dramatically improve the experiences and outcomes of kids in foster care, so they find and thrive in safe, loving families, supported by Foster Friendly communities where they belong.

Our Innovative Model and Team Improves The Experiences And Outcomes Of Kids In Foster Care

Family Engagement + Community Engagement = Collective Impact

While not everyone in a community is able to foster or adopt, everyone has a valuable role to play in supporting the kids and families in foster care.

We’re tuning the hearts and minds of entire communities toward kids in foster care. Here’s a topline view of how we are driving collective impact across government leaders, child-welfare agencies, local businesses, faith communities and civic organizations. 

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Community Engagement

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We’re Passionate About Helping Communities See
The Unseen Child In Foster Care

We’re a gritty, grassroots band of warriors, passionate about fighting for vulnerable kids. Many of us grew up in foster care or as adoptees, or currently serve as kinship, adoptive and/or foster parents. So in many ways the battle is personal when it comes to ensuring kids in foster care are seen, heard and given the opportunity to experience a true sense of belonging…to a family, in a community and as a valuable member of the human family.

We take a child-centered approach to our work in service of our mission. We prioritize our activity and resources based on mission impact. We believe EQ and a strong moral compass are every bit as important as IQ to our ability to effect change.

Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Todd Kinzle

Todd Kinzle


Todd is an experienced startup entrepreneur with a bent toward technology and a passion for impact. He is bio, foster and adoptive Dad to four daughters and a son.

Brian Mavis

Brian Mavis

President and Co-Founder

Brian is a co-founder of America’s Kids Belong, which started in 2015 following the immense success of the model that began as Adopt Colorado Kids. He has been a foster Dad to nine kids and now is a foster grandpa to three.

Kristin Allender, VP of State Success

Kristin Allender

VP, State Success

As an adoptee, and social worker for almost 20 years, Kristin has pulled children out of meth labs with federal law enforcement and sat beside birth mothers as they prepare to choose adoption. She leads participating states advocating for vulnerable kids, giving them a voice and helping communities understand their needs and find their unique way to engage.

Nanette Kirsch

Nanette Kirsch

VP, Marketing and Communications

Nanette is working to build our marketing capability to increase awareness, boost brand equity and increase impact of AKB’s core programs. She is a bio and adoptive mom to four young adults.

I Belong Project™ Team

Lisel Atherton

Lisel Atherton

National Director, I Belong Project™

Lisel is a former child-welfare caseworker. In her role with AKB she ensures a safe and fun experience for kids legally free for adoption who share their stories as part of the I Belong Project. She is a bio and foster mom to four sons currently.

Brian Edman I Belong Project Creative Director

Brian Edman

I Belong Project™ Creative Director

Avery Brown, Senior Manager I Belong Project

Avery Brown

Senior Manager, I Belong Project™

Avery is a multimedia expert with extensive experience with video storytelling and leveraging social media platforms to build community and activate interest.

Foster Friendly Team

Krista Petty, National Director, Foster Friendly Program

Krista Petty

National Director, Foster Friendly Programs

Krista leads AKB’s Foster Friendly App, which promotes foster parent retention by connecting them with Foster Friendly business discounts and supportive faith communities. She is a bio, foster and adoptive mom to four kids.

Leah Busboom

Leah Busboom

Operations, Project Manager

Leah is a Salesforce administrator and operational lead on the Foster Friendly App. She also is a published author and committed advocate for vulnerable kids.


Laurie Zauche

Laurie Zauche

Senior Director, Operations

Laurie leads AKB’s Operations Team, which provides a strong foundation for organization so that we can fulfill our mission more effectively and efficiently. She is a wife, mom and licensed therapeutic respite care provider.

Amy Booth

Amy Booth

Operations Project Manager

Amy works behind-the-scenes in Operations managing donations and systems that support AKB’s team members, assisting them in improving the experience and changing the outcomes of kids in foster care.

Travis Vangsnes

Travis Vangsnes

State Success Manager

Travis is a former grant writer who now serves as manager of state success. He also is an author and bio, foster and adoptive dad to four kids.

Marty Hyde

Marty Hyde

Marty Hyde – Operations Project Manager

Marty manages special projects for IBP and the leadership team and provides support for AKB Operations. Her work allows our entire team more easily reach their goals and fulfill our mission. She has served on a local church’s WRAP team.

Social Media

Elle Flowers

Elle Flowers

Social Media Director

Elle leads AKB’s social media programs, which are key to driving awareness as well as inquiries for kids featured in our I Belong Project. She is a foster and adoptive mom to three sons.

Christina Bauer

Christina Bauer

Social Media Manager

Christina is a former foster youth and teacher who provides a valuable perspective and voice in support of AKB’s social media efforts.

Want to Join Our Growing Team?

We are a fast-growing, performance-driven nonprofit, working to accelerate our reach and impact nationwide. Our national team is fully remote; our state chapters and affiliates primarily work from home, although some have limited on-site work settings and teams go on-site for I Belong Project video shoots. 

Send us your resume and we’ll keep you posted as new opportunities become available. 


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