To Becoming a Foster Parent


Connect with AKB in Your State

AKB state affiliates can directly link you to what you need to know to start the journey to being a foster parent. Look for the Prospective Parent resources.

Don’t See Your State Yet?

Visit our partners at AdoptUSKids to select your state to connect to that state’s Child Welfare foster parenting license process.


Learn New Parenting Skills

Parenting children from hard places requires new relational skills and an understanding of the impact of trauma. Here are some of our favorite resources.

Keep Talking & Get Support

Single, married, parents, grandparents, young or empty-nester…no matter what your age or stage in life, becoming a foster or adoptive parent is a big life change. Have a thoughtful discussion with your family and friends about foster care. Here are some possible topics:

  • Does our family know any foster or adoptive families? What can we learn from them?
  • What are the great things about our family we could share with kids in need of a home?
  • What are the things we might need to work on before we should consider this?
  • Who would be our support team? Are there people from our neighborhood or church who could wrap around us if and when we take this journey?

Check out our Wrap Around Resources for Faith Communities:


Meet Some of the Waiting Kids

There are over 100,000 kids and youth available for adoption right now. Get to know some of these kids by viewing AKB’s I Belong ProjectTM Videos.

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