Be a Foster Parent

“Take a deep breath, gather a loyal tribe. You can do this.”

– Foster Mom

Want To Explore How To Become A Foster Parent?

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Whether you are just curious, actively considering becoming a foster parent, or a seasoned, and perhaps weary, foster parent, there are two things you can’t get enough of: information and support.

Foster Parent Requirements That Might Surprise You

Requirements to become a foster parent vary by state, but it might surprise you to discover some typical foster parent requirements you may not expect: 


If you’re over 21 you’re often eligible to be a foster parent.


You don’t have to own a home.


You don’t have to be married.


You can be compensated
for child care.


You can work full-time outside the home as a foster parent.


There are different types and levels of foster parenting that give willing parents options.


You can say yes or no to the placement of children in your home on a case-by-case basis.


Medical expenses are
covered and a daily living
stipend can help offset costs.

Explore Foster Parent Requirements In Your State

America’s Kids Belong operates in 10 states. Visit our chapter in your state to learn more.

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Why Do Foster Parents Need Foster Friendly Communities?


Cost to train, equip and certify two foster parents.


Certified foster parents who quit within the first year.


Foster parents who cite lack of social support as a key reason for quitting.

Caring for traumatized children is important and rewarding. It also can be stressful and isolating.

Loving kids in hard places also means opening your heart to grief and loss when it is time to let them go.

And inviting children into your home at a moment’s notice for an undetermined amount of time can be disruptive and costly.

Imagine if when you said “Yes” to foster parenting you were greeted with:

A Foster Friendly App with offers and access to services from area businesses, ranging from discounts on family fun nights to self-care services for weary parents and memory-makers for kids like photography sessions and birthday cakes.

A locator map of faith and civic communities whose staff and volunteers are trauma aware, and who offer wrap-around services for kinship and foster parents, along with support groups and foster parent night outs and more.

America’s Kids Belong is partnering with communities across the country to help them become more Foster Friendly.

Learn about what it means to be Foster Friendly and how you can help engage local businesses, faith communities and civic organizations.