Together, We Can Build a Better Community by Supporting Foster Care.

One of America’s Kids Belong’s flagship programs is I Belong Project, a powerful video storytelling initiative that elevates the voices and faces of kids in foster care, who are eligible to be adopted, and partners with child welfare to share their stories in order to connect them with adoptive families. Of 2,400 videos to date more than 900 kids have been placed with families.

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3 More Ways Your Business Can Support Kids In Foster Care


Join Our Monthly Boosters

Your recurring monthly donation helps ensure continuity for our programs, mission and the cashflow that funds them.



Build brand equity with an annual fundraising event to benefit foster care and adoption.


Sponsor “giveback days” during May–Foster Care Awareness Month–and November–National Adoption Month.

10 Reasons Why Foster Care Should Be Your Business’s Top Social Responsibility Priority

Foster care is one of the most compelling and impactful causes your business can support as part of your social responsibility commitment and to invest in improving the well-being of yours and your employees’ community.

  • Foster care is an upstream issue. Connecting kids with supportive families and communities helps break the generational cycle of foster care and lays a foundation for healthier families for the future.
  • In a world where most topics are divisive, we all agree every child deserves a family to care for them.
  • For the 23,000 kids who age out of foster care without a family, their prospects are dire including homelessness, unemployment, trafficking, addiction and incarceration. And three-quarters of young women will experience an unplanned pregnancy before age 21, increasing their risk of perpetuating the generational cycle of foster care.