Foster Families Find Support and Connection On Our Foster Friendly App

Imagine If, When You Said “Yes” To Fostering, You Had Access To:

Community Engagement

A community group that showed up with groceries and diapers. 

Sustainable Change

A church whose children/youth staff were trauma aware and even hosted Parents’ Night Out.

Discounted tickets to family fun destinations.

Local restaurants that offer discounts on kids’ meals.

Kids’ discounts on practical needs–like haircuts, school supplies and shoes–and special experiences like a photography sitting.

Friends and neighbors who show up when new kiddos arrive to mow lawns, clean bathrooms and set up play dates.

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Currently available in: Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia. More states coming soon.

How Does Foster Friendly Support Foster Parent Retention?


That’s the cost to train, equip and certify two foster parents.


Yet, half of new foster parents quit within the first year.


One of the most cited reasons is a lack of social support.

See How We’re Making America Foster Friendly, One Community At A Time


Cabookie Cupcakes


Hitherto Coffee

South Dakota

WRAP Teams


Ridgedale Baptist Church

Tell Us The Businesses You’d Like To See On The Foster Friendly App

What online and local businesses you value most?

Let us know and we’ll invite them to join our rapidly growing roster of Foster Friendly businesses.

Foster Friendly Businesses

If you live in one of our participating states you can help recruit and nominate local businesses to join our app. 

Is Your Faith Community Foster Friendly?

If you’ live in one of the following states and are part of a faith community, consider inviting them to become Foster Friendly.

 Here Are Some Of The Ways Foster Friendly Faith Communities Are Caring For Kinship And Foster Families:


Ensuring children/youth staff and volunteers are trauma aware.


Supporting a ministry for families: Foster Parents’ Night Out, Foster Parent Support Groups and/or WRAP Teams.


Teaching the intersection of foster care and faith to encourage people to consider fostering, and to honor and encourage those who do. 

Free resources for faith communities are available for these states:

Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia