Foster Families Find Support and Connection On Our Foster Friendly App

“The Foster Friendly App helps me provide experiences to the children in my care that I otherwise couldn’t, due to cost.”

– Allison Mills, Foster Mom

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The Foster Friendly App is a one-of-a-kind way to support and honor foster families as you do the hard work of caring for our most vulnerable kids.

Currently available in: Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Dakota, Tennessee and Virginia. More states coming soon.

Imagine If When You Said Yes To Fostering, Your Community Said Yes With You And Offered:

Community Engagement

A WRAP team to bring groceries and mow your lawn

Discounts to memorable family experiences like the zoo, children’s museum and cinemas

Sustainable Change

A faith community whose children/youth staff are trauma aware and hosts a Foster Parents’ Night Out

Local restaurants that offer discounts on kids’ meals for foster families

Discounts on practical needs like haircuts, school supplies and shoes, and special experiences like a photography sitting

Self-care offers to appreciate and revive hard-working foster parents, from massages to facials and manicures

Download the App

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Google Play Foster Friendly App

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Steps To Start Using The App

Hear Why Community Leaders Want To Support Local Foster Families


Cabookie Cupcakes


Hitherto Coffee

South Dakota

WRAP Teams


Ridgedale Baptist Church

What Businesses Would You Like To See On The Foster Friendly App

Foster Friendly Businesses

If you live in one of our participating states invite your favorite retail businesses to join the app. 

Is Your Faith Community Foster Friendly?

Here Are The 3 Best Practices To Be A Foster Friendly Faith Community

Trauma Aware

Ensuring children/youth staff and volunteers are trauma aware.

Support Ministry

Offer a support ministry for families: Foster Parents’ Night Out, Foster Parent Support Groups and/or WRAP Teams.

Teach Annually

Teach on the intersection of foster care and faith to encourage people to consider fostering, and to honor and encourage those who do. 

Download this flyer and share it with your leaders to encourage them to start the journey to see and care for foster and kinship families in their congregations and communities.