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Want To Explore Foster Parenting?

As you begin the journey to explore foster parenting, Colorado’s Kids Belong will support you:

Adoptable kids

View kids in our state’s foster care system who are legally free for adoption.

connect with foster parents

Connect with other foster parents, experts and resources.

trauma aware

Become trauma aware and invite your support network to do the same.

connect with foster-friendly businesses

Connect with Foster Friendly businesses, faith communities and other organizations that are committed to supporting Colorado’s kinship and foster families.

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Foster Parent Requirements In Colorado

Colorado4Kids is your best resource for information about becoming a kinship or foster parent in our state. But here are some key requirements.

Colorado is committed to inclusion. There are no restrictions on who can foster based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or expression, gender identity or marital status. 

  • You must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You can be single, married or have a domestic partner.
  • You can own or rent a home, condo or apartment of any size, but you must have room for a child.
  • You can work inside or outside the home. Couples with both partners working outside the home are also eligible to be foster parents.
  • You must have sufficient income to support your family.
  • You must be able to physically care for a child or youth.
  • You must pass child abuse and criminal background checks required by state and federal laws.
  • You must show an ability to exercise sound judgment, and demonstrate a responsible, stable and emotionally mature lifestyle.

Note: This link will take you to Colorado4Kids; be sure you’ve connected with us using the form above before you leave.

Two Reliable Paths To Become A Certified Foster Parent In Colorado

In Colorado you have two options for becoming licensed as a foster parent.


The first is to work through the Department of Human Services. Find a complete list of county agencies here.


The alternative is to work with one of the dozens of approved child placement agencies (CPAs) in the state. Here are some CPAs in Colorado. For a complete list of agencies visit CO4Kids

Here Is Some Additional Insight To Help You Discern The Best Path For You

  • The goal of foster care is reunification with the biological family.
  • Colorado has a significant need for families open to older kids and teens, sibling sets and children with special needs.
  • Becoming certified as a foster parent through the county has no cost; however, you only are licensed to foster kids in your county of residence.
  • Additional requirements must be met in order to be qualified to adopt kids in foster care who are legally free for adoption.
  • Using a child placement agency (CPA) equips you to foster and/or adopt anywhere in the state, but also often involves a fee.