One Videographer’s Inspiring Story of Helping Kids Find Families Through Adoption

I Belong Project video shoot

Meet Jonathan Arce. If anyone understands the power of video to connect people with a message it is Jonathan. A successful motion graphic designer with Savage Media in Nashville, he also volunteers as a videographer with our I Belong Project,TM a flagship program of America’s Kids Belong that amplifies the voices and stories of kids in foster care who are eligible for adoption to help connect them with forever families.

I try to put what moved me into their videos because maybe it will move others.

Jonathan Arce

Authentic Stories Of Heartbreak…and Hope

“All [the kids’ interviews] land at the same place: They want a family.” The basic sentiments of all the kids—to feel loved and cared for—are the most compelling part of any of the videos, according to Arce. He admits some interviews can be harder than others, but it’s when the stories graze his heart that he draws on for motivation, which he describes simply as:

“Let’s do this, let’s get this kid a home.”

Many of the kids he films want the simple things in life that we all take for granted, according to Arce, to go out to the movies as a family. . . share a family dinner. . . have someone to ask how you’re doing—if you’re okay. 

Arce volunteers at the shoots, and he also works tirelessly to craft each child’s footage into a two-minute story that reflect the child’s uniqueness and hopefully touches the viewer’s heart in such a way to motivate them to consider taking a child into their family.

Last year, 75 million people watched videos online each month, according to the Huffington Post. Consider the potential, then, of elevating kids eligible for adoption using video, to increase their chances of finding a forever home.

Last year America’s Kids Belong produced 512 videos that helped 306 kids find forever families. While not everyone can adopt, every can do something; and the videos also helped inspire more people to say “yes” to fostering, as well as more businesses and faith communities to take part in AKB’s Foster Friendly movement to support foster and adoptive families.

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Meet the Kids and watch some of the stories that videographers like Jonathan have helped create.

Hear Jonathan share from his heart in this short video :

I Belong Project is a trademark of America’s Kids Belong.

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