Language of Play

The Language of Kids is PLAY

After filming over 1,000 children available for adoption, America’s Kids Belong has learned a thing or two about working with kids. One thing is for sure: the language of kids is PLAY! At all our I Belong Project™ shoots, trained volunteers are assigned the important task of playing with the kids while they wait for their turn to make a craft, have snacks, have their photo, and video interview done.

Having adults play with children is especially important. It can build trust, encourage expression, build resilience and help relax an anxious child. Most importantly, playtime shows each child and teen that comes to our I Belong Project™ video shoots that they are valuable and worthy of undivided attention. We ask the kids we are filming, “What would your best day look like?” They often say, “TODAY!”

There are many ways to get involved in solving the crisis for kids in foster care. Some are called to foster or adopt. Others are called to provide respite care, mentor, give financially, or advocate. Some people can show up and PLAY! Thank you to our hundreds of volunteers across the U.S. who make memorable moments for kids in foster care.

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