How Do You Weigh The Value Of A Family To A Child In Foster Care?

America’s Kids Belong recently published its 2022 Impact Report, which shares with its investors, volunteers and others how the organization deployed its funds to advance its mission of dramatically improving the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

As CEO Todd Kinzle explains, “People simply want to know how their financial contributions will be leveraged to impact the lives of the children we serve. They also want to be able to quantify how their dollars are being spent.

“We know that what we are providing for these kids who have been waiting in the system – sometimes for years – is worth so much more than the dollars required to get the job done. Being a part of a family is a really hard thing to put a price tag on. And so we’re asking you to sit with this question: ‘What is a family worth?'”

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Learn more about the work America’s Kids Belong and its state chapters are doing to improve the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care.

2022 Impact Report: What's A Family Worth?

We Work To Ensure A Family For Every Child

Since 2013 America’s Kids Belong has built trusted relationships with state child welfare teams, based on our commitment to respect the dignity of every child. We partner closely with them to capture video stories of kids who are eligible for adoption, so that by elevating their faces, voices and stories, we can help match them with adoptive families. Over that time we have successfully:

  • Filmed 2,400+ kids
  • Matched 901 with adoptive families
  • Recruited 7,729 parents to explore fostering and adoption

We Work To Create A Foster Friendly Community For Every Family

If anyone needs and deserves a community behind them, it is foster families. Fostering is hard work; half of new foster parents quit within the first year. Our Foster Friendly App was designed to help families feel seen, valued and supported on behalf of the communities in which they live. Over the past year:

  • More than 5,800 families are using the app with high user engagement rates
  • Businesses on the app increased by 66 percent
  • Faith communities increased by 108 percent

As we raise awareness of the needs of kids in foster care, the need for more foster parents, the need for communities to lean in and support these children and families, and the change that happens when we all do our part, we’re creating hope in the communities we serve. What is the value to a community when more young people have the freedom to achieve their full potential as humans?

We’re working hard to answer that question and invite you to join us on-mission this year.

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