Celebrating 1,000 Videos

1000 i belong project videos

Every child deserves a family, a place to belong. This is the heartbeat of behind our work. Each day our team works to recruit new foster parents to step up for vulnerable kids. We empower businesses and faith communities to rally around foster families, allowing them to feel seen, build connection and easily access support. We advocate for the best outcomes for kids in care. When needed, we capture stories of youth who need to connect with adoptive families.

Through our I Belong Project, we’ve now filmed more than 1,000 videos and connected nearly half of children filmed through this incredible initiative with forever families. This milestone represents so much more than numbers and stats — we’ve seen teens placed just ahead of turning 18, we’ve seen sibling groups stay together, we’ve seen families and communities embrace kids in unconditional love. This is a testament to the power of connection and the selflessness of amazing individual saying YES to kids who need a home.

We were fortunate enough to reach our milestone at the iconic Bristol Motor Speedway. This incredible venue, known for its high-speed thrills and electrifying atmosphere, served as an amazing backdrop for the day. The highlight of this particular shoot was undoubtedly the chance for kids to race around the track in a real race car! Speeding around the famed oval was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, adding an extra layer of excitement and joy to an already great day.

A Day of Joy and Hope

The I Belong Project™ uplifts the stories and voices of kids in foster care who are legally free for adoption. The pop-up photo and video shoots take place monthly as part of an entire day designed for youth to have fun, play and just be kids. Capturing and sharing each story is done with the utmost dignity in the hopes that the resulting videos connect children with a family. If you haven’t been able to volunteer at a filming day, here’s a look behind the scenes. After being welcomed onsite (as their case worker is ushered to a lounge to relax for a few hours), our VIPs

  • “Shop” for a brand new outfit, with tags
  • Receive personalized cookies, bags, handmade gifts, and items that meet each of their interests
  • Have fun as the make crafts, play games, jump in bounce houses, meet zoo animals, interact with NHL players, get their hair and makeup done, ride around race tracks… and so much more!
  • Many share “This is the best day I’ve had in a long time!

To make it all happen…

  • Trained video crews and photographers respectfully capture the child’s personality
  • Trauma-trained volunteers and staff conduct dignity-filled interviews
  • Editors pour over hours of footage to tell each child’s unique story
  • Out team recruits churches and businesses to learn about these kids and share their videos across the state 
  • We shamelessly fight for each of these kids

Inspiring Others to Act

The impact of these videos goes beyond connecting one child with a family. While we celebrate all the amazing outcomes, we’re also in awe of how the I Belong Project™ has inspired thousands of individuals to begin fostering. By watching the videos, individuals and couples have come to better understand the need for more foster parents. As a result, more doors have been opened to kids in need of temporary spaces to belong. We’re so thankful to everyone who has been motivated to start their journey.

Join the Movement

The I Belong Project™ is more than just an initiative—it’s a movement. A movement that calls on all of us to open our hearts and homes to children in need. Whether by becoming a foster or adoptive parent, or by simply sharing the videos, each of us can play a part in this transformative work.

As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward to the future. We hope the I Belong Project™ will continue to shine a light on the stories of children in foster care and bring them all one step closer to finding their forever home.

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