What Does It Take For Your Faith Community To Become Foster Friendly?

Did you know that nearly 50 percent of foster parents stop fostering within the first year? And one of the most often-cited reasons is lack of community support. Your faith community can play a valuable role in changing the experience and outcomes for kids and families in foster and kinship care.

Here Are 3 Best Practices Of A Foster Friendly Faith Community.

You only need to choose two to join our App, but we encourage you to consider embracing all three.

Offer trauma awareness training to children and youth staff and volunteers to promote understanding of the impact that trauma can have on infants, children and adolescents.

Teach in a main gathering God’s heart for vulnerable children and families, and give people an opportunity to respond.

Create an ongoing support ministry to care for kinship and foster families. Some leading programs include WRAP-around programs, support groups and foster parents’ night out.

Make Your Foster Friendly Commitment

When your faith community is doing at least two of the three best practices of a Foster Friendly Faith Community, we invite you to complete this Foster Friendly pledge. That will ensure you are featured on our Foster Friendly App to help connect kinship and foster families find you, and know that they are welcomed and belong.

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Foster Friendly Faith In Action

See How These Faith Partners Support And Retain Foster Families

Ridgedale Baptist Church
  • Trauma Aware
  • WRAP Support
White Station Church of Christ
  • Foster Closet
  • WRAP Support
  • Belong Sunday
The Orchard Church
  • WRAP Ministry