America’s Kids Belong Launches “Invest in Family” Campaign

Our co-founder, Brian Mavis likes to say, “A good family is better than a great program.” 

And it’s true. For kids in foster care, the gift of belonging in a family can prevent severe social wounds – like trafficking and substance abuse – and the need for recovery down the road.

That’s why we are humbled and grateful when we look back through the years and see:

Yet many of our followers don’t realize that America’s Kids Belong is not government funded, nor do we have any huge financial backers. The results you see above were made possible mostly through the generosity of small businesses, faith communities and individual donors like yourself. 

We are a true grassroots organization running on the hard work and love of our dedicated staff, supporters and volunteers who care deeply about what happens to kids in foster care. 

To continue this vital work and cover operations in our ten chapter states as well as nationwide initiatives, we need to raise $100,000 in recurring monthly donations by the end of this year.

Your gift of $40, $60, $120 per month or more can help ensure eligible kids in foster care can continue to find adoptive families, and that more foster families are supported by their communities through our innovative projects and programs.

This holiday season, give a gift that will last for generations. Click here to Invest in Family.

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