Tino is challenged by autism, and speech and language disorders. His childlike wonder makes him incredibly special.

Valente, who goes by Tino, is a 12-year-old boy who is described as loving, active and full of curiosity about the world around him.

Because of a genetic condition, he is challenged with autistism, and speech and language disorders, Tino needs a family willing to make a lifelong commitment. He will require care, support and supervision throughout his life, and needs an active family dedicated to providing him a forever home. He also would do best in a home as the only child.

Tino has a childlike wonder that makes him incredibly special. He loves outdoor activities, including exploring local parks, apple picking and going to the playground. He is a fan of “Toy Story” and enjoys trains, cars and crafts.

It’s important that Tino find a loving family that is knowledgeable with trauma-informed care practices. He’s shown improvements with communication skills from consistent engagement in services, and a continuation of these services will only help his progress. Could you be that family for Tino?

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