Ta’Keria VA01321333

Ta’Keira is a kind girl who is always looking to make new friends.

Ta’Keira is a 13-year-old girl who is shy at first, but is very open, outgoing, and humorous once she feels comfortable. She enjoys animals, shopping, being social with peers, and being creative with art. Ta’Keira is a very talented girl who especially enjoys making things with model clay, knitting with yarn, and drawing pictures.

Ta’Keira loves all animals, especially dogs and horses. She has spent a lot of time with horses and does well when she’s in equine therapy. She enjoys being social and engaging with her peers. Ta’Keira is a kind girl who is always looking to make new friends and will do anything for those she cares about. Oftentimes, Ta’Keira will go out of her way for those she cares about by writing them notes, offering to share her food and giving her peers gifts.

Ta’Keira enjoys watching movies, especially comedies and thrillers. She also enjoys reading comics and other books. In addition, Ta’Keira loves to shop. She enjoys shopping for clothes, shoes and stuffed animals.

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