“Family to me is to be loved and treated well.

“I want a family to feel loved and be loved by parents.”

Kyle is a sweet young man who has a unique sense of humor and can make anyone laugh. Although he has been through a lot in his life, he is resilient and is a pleasure to be around. Kyle likes to collect an assortment of different things – nothing specific – just things that strike his fancy. He will create fun and interesting projects using the items he finds in nature.

Playing cards and baseball are some of his favorite things to do. Kyle is very creative and enjoys spending time outside. He is fascinated by electronics and will work on any device put in front of him.

Kyle is on the Autism Spectrum and sometimes struggles to pick up on social cues. He may be a bit shy at first until he becomes comfortable. Kyle enjoys playing with younger kids and hopes for a family with loving parents. Do you have love to provide this special young man?

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