Josh (Joshua), Elijah and Eli

“I want to belong in a family because families help you when you need help. They take you lots of different places and they care for you.”

Elijah is a sweet and loveable little boy who is currently in the same foster care placement as his twin brother, Eli. Elijah is a bit of an old soul, smart and communicative, academic and thoughtful. He loves to cuddle and enjoys the attention of those around him. Helpful in his current foster home, Elijah has strong leadership qualities that could be developed with the right adoptive family. His brothers describe him as funny with a great sense of humor. Elijah says that he is kind and generous, brave, happy, and loving and cares deeply for his family. Happy just being a kid and not looking too far ahead into the future, this insightful and wise young man has so much potential and loads of love to give. Elijah must be placed with his twin brother.

Eli is a loving little boy who is currently in the same foster care placement as his twin brother, Elijah. At times strong-willed, Eli is described as kind, brave and generous by his brothers. Eli enjoys playing with Legos and STEM toys. He is very active, assertive and helpful though he does have challenges academically. Eli would do well to have a strong male presence in his life who can both nurture and set appropriate boundaries for him to grow into a healthy, happy productive citizen. Eli would love to go to theme parks and the beach with a family. When he grows up he’d like to be a policeman or firefighter. Eli must be placed with his twin brother.

Joshua (Josh) is a smart and athletic 12 year old. He describes himself as fun and kind, and his brothers describe him as funny and engaging, playing lots of games with them when they get together. Josh has a passion for programming and coding on the computer. He wants to go to college and get a master’s degree to become a software developer. Josh is a very good student and usually makes honor roll. He likes to play team sports such as basketball and soccer, and he also enjoys gaming. Although reserved initially, Josh can be animated, creative, and sociable. Josh loves to draw and is quite talented at art. This young man has a lot of potential if guided correctly with the right family and a strong father figure.

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