Meet Jazzlyn

Jazzlyn, who also goes by “Jazz,” is a sweet and sassy 11 year old girl who loves singing, dancing, and listening to her favorite K-Pop group BTS! Her dream is to travel abroad to South Korea and become a K-Pop star. She is currently teaching herself Korean. Jazzlyn is taking voice lessons and she enjoys doing gymnastics and taking dance classes. She is very creative and artistic, and she spends a lot of her time journaling and writing short stories and graphic novels. Jazzlyn is also learning to sew, and she has been making her own doll clothing. She enjoys dressing and playing with her Barbies and baby dolls. Jazz loves cats, dogs, and most furry friends! She is also very affectionate and cuddly once she’s comfortable in a new environment. Her bubbly and outspoken personality will also start to come out as she feels more settled.

Like most pre-teens, Jazzlyn loves text messaging her friends and spending time hanging out with them. She also loves fashion and is very stylish. Jazzlyn is very smart and she does well in school. Science is her favorite subject. She can be quiet at first, but Jazzlyn is also very loving and energetic. The idea of inclusivity of people from all walks of life is something that is very important to her as she is very socially conscious. She believes diversity should be embraced and celebrated. What Jazzlyn wants more than anything is a family to call her own. Could you be this family for her?


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