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What’s It Take For Your Faith Community To Become Foster Friendly?

You can take this flyer to your faith community to start a conversation about the three best practices to become Foster Friendly.

  • Become Trauma Aware
  • Teach On Foster Care + Faith
  • Start A WRAP program
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Foster Friendly Resources

Check Out These Additional Resources For Foster Friendly Faith

Foster Parents’ Night Out

Parents Night Out (PNO) is an opportunity for faith communities to provide a night out to foster and adoptive families.

Kinship / Foster Support Groups

Your community can host a support group for kinship, adoptive and foster families to help make vital connections and offer a source of encouragement.

Wrap-Around Ministry

Wrap is a tool that mobilizes local faith communities to care for adoptive and foster families with a robust array of support from meals and groceries to transportation and home maintenance.

A lot of people don’t realize that simple things are no longer simple when you’re fostering. Mowing the lawn means two hours with only my wife watching two high-need kids. I’d love to have access to a discount on getting my lawn mowed.

Foster Dad

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