Foster Friendly Faith Resources

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Become A Foster Friendly Faith Community

What does it take to become a Foster Friendly faith community?

This flyer offers and overview of the best practices to help you decide as a community where and how to start.

Once you do, additional resources are available below.

Best Practice #1: Trauma Awareness

Free one-hour introduction for children/youth staff and volunteers to trauma awareness.

Companion guide to the one-hour training video.

Gateway to knowledge, understanding, and practical tools to help support children, parents, and families in foster care and adoption journeys. 

Find a local TBRI trainer using this free directory

Best Practice #2: Offer A Support Ministry

Foster Parent Assessment

WRAP Guide

Foster Family Support Groups

Foster Parents Night Out

Best Practice #3: Teach On Foster Care and Adoption

Foster Care/Adoption Sermon Resource Guide

Sermon Outline For May: Foster Care Awareness Month

Sermon Outline for Nov.: Adoption Awareness Month

These Faith Communities Are Supporting And Retaining The Foster Families They Serve

Ridgedale Baptist Church
  • Trauma Aware
  • WRAP Program
Flatirons Church
  • WRAP Program
Haven Ministries
  • Respite for Foster parents
  • Clothing for kids
Matthews House
  • Mentoring kids in foster care