Foster Friendly Faith Resources

Featured Resources To Help Your Faith Community Become Foster Friendly

Foster Family Assessment for Faith Communities to Connect

Family Assessment

Get to know your foster families with this helpful survey.

Foster Parents Night Out Hosted By Faith Communities

Foster Parents’ Night Out

Your getting started guide to host a foster and adoptive parents night out.

Foster Family Support Group Hosted By Faith Communities

Foster Family Support Group

Create a support group for kinship and foster families in your faith community.

Best Practice #1: Become Trauma Aware

Trauma train your child and youth staff and volunteers

Free 1 hr. Trauma Training

This free introduction to trauma awareness is ideal for staff and volunteers.

Made to Belong Training Course

This 6.5 hr. course is designed to equip faith leaders to become trauma -sensitive and aware. Use ORANGE20 to access this $200 course for just $20 in 2022.

Hope for the Journey

Show Hope (formerly Empowered to Connect) offers a simulcast trauma training.

Find a TBRI-certified Trainer

Pursue local training from a trust-based relational intervention-certified (TBRI) practitioner.

Best Practice 2: Support Ministry

Offer An Ongoing Support Ministry For Kinship / Foster Families

Best Practice 3: Teach on Foster Care Annually

At least once a year a faith leader teaches in the main gathering on God’s heart for vulnerable children and families, giving people an opportunity to respond. Here are some guides to aid preparation.
Sermon outline for preaching on the intersection between foster care and faith
A comprehensive guide to why faith leaders are called to teach about foster care, the difference it can make, scripture references and more.