Foster Friendly Faith Best Practice #2

Start A Support Ministry For Kinship
And Foster Families

Offer An Ongoing Support Ministry For Kinship and Foster Families

When your faith community wraps around families as they stand in the gap with vulnerable kids, you’ll help families thrive and have the opportunity to directly combat the nearly 50 percent attrition rate among new kinship, adoptive and foster families.

Get to know your families. Learn how they’re doing. And work together to build ministry options to serve their needs well. Here are some resources that offer a great starting point.

Get To Know The Families In Your Community

A great first step as your community leans in to supporting kinship and foster families well is to connect with the families already in your community.

While they often won’t ask for help, be assured they will appreciate your outreach and interest in understanding and supporting their needs.

This assessment template offers a great starting point for you to adapt and use to connect with resource families already in your community.

Check Out These Guides To Foster Family Support Ministries

WRAP Guide
WRAP Guide

WRAP stands for words of encouragement, respite, acts of service and prayer. WRAP programs are key to support and retain kinship and foster families

Support Groups
Support Groups

Isolation is one of the greatest challenges for kinship and foster care families. Help them connect and find support and encouragement together.

Foster Friendly Faith Foster Parents Night Out Guide
Foster Parents Night Out

Give your kinship and foster parents a break! Use your trauma-informed staff and volunteers to offer a parents’ night out, foster style.

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Teach on God’s heart for foster care and adoption at least once a year in a main gathering. Get sermon resources here.