Coffee, Board Games, and Foster Families: A Story of Community

Small business owner, Kevin Kerkhof merged his love of coffeehouses with his love of board games and created a really unique family gathering place called Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlour in his community in Greenfield, Indiana.

Merging two complimentary things that people love to form a more connected and vibrant community was only the beginning for Kevin and his local business. Unrealized at the time to Kevin, an even more powerful and impactful merger of complimentary things for Hitherto was on the horizon.

Alyssa Clark, Community Engagement Manager with Indiana Kids Belong, reached out to Kevin in 2021 and pitched the concept of an exciting new app, created by America’s Kids Belong, called Foster Friendly

It’s purpose is simple–connect businesses interested in providing discounts on their goods and services with foster families in their communities.

Businesses register their profile on the Foster Friendly App and then become “searchable” to foster families on their smart phones looking for discounted entertainment options, dining, and other services. 

Another beautiful and innovative mergerbringing businesses and foster families together! 

The idea made immediate sense to Kevin and it fit right in with his vision for Hitherto. Coming from a large family personally, and having friends active in the foster care community, he’s well aware of the “financial responsibilities that come with each child.” It was a no brainer for Kevin to sign up Hitherto on the App and become what America’s Kids Belong calls a Foster Friendly business. 

Kevin describes the discount his Foster Friendly business provides: “One of the things that came to mind that made the most sense was just bringing those foster families and our staff discount and offering that to them as well. Whether they’re all coming in for ice cream as a family or they’re wanting to buy a board game, bring some friends in, or buy a gift for somebody, it’s like that discount is just a practical way of supporting them across the board. . .”As a business, supporting these families means the world to them.”

Watch Kevin’s story here

 Kevin has a simple, yet profound message that rings out well beyond the inviting walls of the beautiful little community gathering place he’s created at Hitherto.

His message is this:

“Everybody has a different capacity of helping serve. You may not be able to actively participate in fostering a child in this moment, but there are other ways as well that you could be of such huge support within that.”

Hitherto Coffee and Gaming Parlour CEO, Kevin Kerkhof 

What is your way of supporting foster families and the kids in their care? Maybe you are a business that can become Foster Friendly. Maybe you could join a WRAP support team and help meet tangible needs of foster families. Maybe you could be an informed voice for creating awareness of the needs around foster care in your local community. Whatever you do, it matters and you’ll have a tremendous impact on the lives of kids in foster care.

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