Foster Families Need Your Business

A Foster Friendly Story

“Our kids in our communities need us. We have the resources, whether it be monetary means or volunteering time, or volunteering a service, I think we need to dig a little deeper. Especially right now.”

Corenza Townsend, Owner of Cabookie Cupcakes

As the owner of the Louisville, KY-based Cabookie Cupcakes, Corenza calls on fellow small business owners “to dig a little deeper” when it comes to helping others. Look at what you already have to offer as a business and find the simple, yet potentially life-changing potential in those things, she urges.

It’s not changing your business mission or model. It’s leveraging it to its full potential to impact lives and uplift others in powerful ways that are unique to what your business offers.

 “You are delivering great things. It only makes sense that you deliver a great message,” she says. In her case the message she’s passionately delivering is that foster care could use many more businesses across the country to become engaged in supporting foster families. 

As Corenza can attest, involving your business in supporting foster care isn’t rocket science; it’s rocket fuel. It is about much more than a “coupon” – your support can help lift and sustain foster families, and the heroic kids in their care, as they feel supported, seen and loved by those in their communities. 

Corenza is an important ambassador for business engagement with foster families as a proud participant with the America’s Kids Belong Foster Friendly community movement.

For Cabookie Cupcakes the answer is as simple as a dozen cupcakes for a child in foster care to celebrate a birthday or other milestone, often for the first time.

Watch Corenza’s Foster Friendly Story here:

The discount available through AKB’s Foster Friendly App does so much more than save families money on a sweet treat. It’s an act of generosity that tells foster families what they are doing matters to their community and reminds them that they are not in it alone. This is at the heart of what it means to be a Foster Friendly business.

The first step is to join the Foster Friendly App in your state. But that is often just the beginning. Once businesses engage with foster care they can’t stop finding ways to help. Many create employee training and engagement programs to learn about becoming foster parents, create internships and on-the-job training for youth aging out of foster care, and still others become corporate sponsors.

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