About Kentucky Kids Belong

Kentucky Kids Belong started in 2019, as a pilot of America’s Kids Belong. Our mission is to improve the experiences and outcomes for kids in Kentucky’s foster care system.

Our programs include:

family recruitment

I Belong Project

Our flagship video storytelling project gives a face and voice to kids in foster care who are legally free to be adopted and helps connect them with prospective adoptive families and forever homes.

Community Engagement

Foster Friendly Businesses

Through our innovative Foster Friendly App area businesses can lend valuable community support to kinship and foster parents by creating an offer or services to lend valuable support as they care for kids.

Sustainable Change

Foster Friendly Faith Communities

Our Foster Friendly App also helps families locate faith communities that are welcoming and supportive of kinship and foster families, not just in Kentucky, but nationwide.

Meet Our Kentucky Team

Dayna Gleason, Kentucky Kids Belong

Dayna Gleason

State Manager

Dayna has worked with Kentucky Kids Belong since 2019. Her first glimpse into the need for families to foster and adopt came when she lived overseas. After returning to the U.S. she saw how the need was prevalent here as well. Her favorite parts of her job are meeting some incredible kids and social workers, as well as celebrating when these kids find permanency and the love they long for!

Valerie Buccola

Valerie Buccola

Community Engagement Manager

Valerie is a foster and adoptive mom.  She also provides respite care and is a court-appointed state advocate (CASA) volunteer for foster youth. Before fostering, Valerie was a Registered Respiratory Therapist for 10 years at different trauma hospitals throughout the country. She also volunteers to photograph foster children for adoption advocacy and has done many adoption-day photos for foster families.

Ellen Greeley

Ellen Greeley

I Belong Project Manager

Ellen joins the KY Kids Belong team after having first served as a volunteer for the I Belong ProjectTM. She enjoys learning about the gifts, interests, and dreams of the kids at the shoots and rallying the community to support the mission. She loves being a part of such an important work—helping children find loving families where they can thrive and belong.

Our central shared services team provides the operational and strategic support to enable our Kentucky Kids Belong to be dedicated to mission achievement.