Lilly (Lillith) VA01320831

“My favorite thing in the whole universe is flowers and creating different masterpieces!”

Lilith, who goes by Lilly, is a sweet and precocious young lady who is full of creativity. Lilly is smart, curious, and brave, and she works hard in school and loves learning new things. She also enjoys dancing and listening to music, especially Disney music and Taylor Swift. Lilly has a beautiful singing voice, and she has been known to belt out a tune while riding in the car. One of her favorite things to do is to spend time outside, especially on the playground, at the pool, going horseback riding, and visiting amusement parks. She loves playing with Barbies, Monster High dolls, American girl dolls, Legos, fidget toys, baby dolls, and all things mermaids and unicorns! She also enjoys doing crafts and DIY projects. Lilly is very technologically savvy, and loves playing with her tablet. Her favorite game is a math video game called Prodigy. She is also very fashionable and loves accessorizing with purses, hats, and jewelry. Lilly has also been learning about self-care, and she enjoys getting her hair and nails done and making her own face masks at home. She really wants to dye her hair purple and blue like a mermaid! Lilly also enjoys watching television and one of her favorite shows is called Descendants. She would also never turn down a Shamrock Shake or fries from McDonalds or a bag of salt & vinegar potato chips! She also loves mac & cheese and chicken nuggets.

Lilly has a lot of love to give, and she needs a family who will provide her with the love and support she deserves. Lilly has been in foster care since she was 6 years old, and what she wants more than anything is to find a forever family to call her own. Could you be the family that Lilly has been waiting for?

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