Meet Jon

Jon is curious, funny and kind. He is inquisitive and loves to explore! Jon enjoys playing video games, and is good at playing Minecraft and Roadblocks. He enjoys doing tangible activities, such as building Legos, playing on his iPad, and playing card games (like Apples to Apples). He also collects Pokemon cards, and his favorite Pokemon is Pikachu. Jon does well in school, and his favorite class is his technology class. Jon enjoys his time spent on the computer at school. He also enjoys going to the gym and building things. Jon is funny and affectionate, and would thrive with a family who is kind, energetic, and shares his curiosity!

Jon is in need of a stable, loving, and safe two-parent home that is able to provide structure and guidance. Adoptive parents need to understand how trauma can affect children. Jon would benefit from having active parents that can keep him busy and will allow him to experience new ideas, activities and challenges. A family will need patience as they slowly build a relationship with him. Jon should be supported and encouraged to maintain contact with his sister. It is recommended that Jon live in a home with no other children.


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