Become Trauma Aware

Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Expert Lindy Johnson Offers Help For Foster Parents

If you’re new to fostering you may be familiar with the the concept of “trauma,” but maybe you’re not sure where to start or how much you need to know. You want to understand enough to respond in a healing way when trauma’s effects show up in the children in your care.

Lindy Johnson is a TBRI-certified expert on trauma. She created this short, informal video series for America’s Kids Belong to give foster parents an overview of trauma through the lens of foster care.

Trauma: What It Is and Why Foster and Adoptive Families Need to Know More About It
Is It Possible For Kids In Foster Care To Heal From Trauma?
Trauma And The Healing Power of Community For Kids In Foster Care
Trauma Awareness For Those Helping and Supporting Foster Families

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Lindy’s heartbeat is to help others find healing and advocate for relational restoration. “I believe there is GREAT hope for our relational health when we are willing to do heart and hard work. I’ve seen the powerful freedom and restoration that can take place when we learn about trauma and attachment: concepts that most certainly touch each of our lives.”

Explore Lindy’s resources for parents including her free webinar on Trauma.

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