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There are thousands of kids in the Colorado foster care system who feel unseen and suffering, left to feel like they don’t belong. Together we can dramatically improve their experience and change their outcomes so that these kids can thrive in safe, loving families and supportive communities where they belong.

The Foster Friendly app will create a space where families that are fostering can find the supports that are available to them in their community.

All Businesses are different.

This is why at Colorado Kids Belong we are open to creating a partnership as unique as you are. 

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By becoming a Business Impact Partner, you choose how to engage:


Not only are more qualified foster homes desperately needed in our state, we must do a better job of supporting those who have already stepped up. We can assist you with employee engagement programs to educate your workers on how to become foster certified and/or support programs for existing adoptive or foster parents.


Commit to providing a discount on your existing products or services in order to help ease the financial strain fostering places on family budgets. Show the kids you care while generating community goodwill at the same time!

Examples: 20% off a monthly gym membership, kids eat free with a paying adult, 20% off new mattress sets, etc.


Make a tax-deductible donation of any size to directly impact the work of Colorado Kids Belong. When it comes to investing in foster care, you are helping shape the future of your community by giving children what they need most to thrive – a safe home, a family, a place to belong.


Work with us to provide internships and on-the-job career training for older kids (ages 18-25) who are aging out of the foster care system and who are in need of vocational support. Email for more info.

So What Does This Mean For You?

Foster Friendly Businesses will post a sticker in their window letting the community know they are Foster Friendly.

It takes the whole community coming together to support these kids and the families that are caring for them.

If you are a community group you can Apply to become a CKB Community Partner and have your clothing closet or support group etc. listed on the Foster Friendly app.


Still Have Questions?

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Foster Families, we want to create communities across Colorado that are Foster Friendly offering discounts and other supports. Currently we are launching this new program with our Foster Friendly APP through The Collaborative Foster Care Program (Douglas, Arapaho and Jefferson Counties). If you are with the Collaborative you can reach out to your caseworker for more information. If you are with another county or CPA we will be launching in other metro counties later this year. Stay tuned!

Testimonials from our Friends in TN

“It is an absolute joy for my employees to be able to serve foster families in the community. After hearing about creative ways to serve families and children, it was a no brainer to donate our companies services. It is such a small ask for us financially, but makes a HUGE difference for each family. What a gift to be able to use our resources in this way.”

Jasmine McClarney

CEO and Founder, Greenroom Cleaners

“Starting the conversation with our HR Partners, it turned out one of them was a foster mother as well. There are many benefits in the workplace that will better serve families who are currently fostering or adopting. We even have a Quarterly Community lunch as a support group and info session for employees who are interested in fostering.”

Jen Goforth

Discovery, Inc.

Apply Today or Nominate a Business

Apply today to become a CKB Business Impact Partner

Nominate a Business to become a Business Impact Partner


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