I Belong Project | Meet the Kids (March)

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I Belong Project – Memphis (March 2024)

The I Belong Project™ is dedicated to uplifting the stories and voices of kids in foster care who are legally free for adoption. Each month, the project hosts pop-up photo and video shoots that transform a day into an unforgettable experience for all involved. This initiative goes beyond capturing photos and videos; it offers a day filled with fun, play, and the chance for kids to just be themselves. By sharing their stories with dignity and respect, the I Belong Project™ hopes to connect these incredible children with loving families.

This month, we are thrilled to introduce 17 wonderful kids who are part of the I Belong Project™. Each one has a unique story, and we are honored to share a glimpse into their lives.

Meet the Kids

Airies – Airies is a fun-loving young man who is looking forward to finding his forever family. Life is an adventure for him and he loves to do and see new things! Watch his video.

Alana – Alana is a bright young lady with a sassy side to her personality. She loves doing gymnastics and making up dance routines. She also enjoys art, drawing, and fashion. Watch her video.

Azhianne – Azhianne is an energetic and engaging child who enjoys playing basketball, football, and boxing. He likes to engage in high-energy activities. Watch his video.

Ben – Ben enjoys playing basketball and being outdoors. He likes anime, playing with Legos and playing video games. His favorite movies include the Marvel series and Ready Player One. Watch his video.

I Belong Project - March 2024

Caiden – Caiden is a lovable and active young boy. He loves all types of food and enjoys snacking all the time. Caiden is looking for an active forever family to keep up with his energy and to spend lots of quality time with him. Watch his video.

Christopher – Christopher loves to play with cars, build with Legos, play video games, play sports, and swim. He also likes to make people laugh. He loves going to school and says that math is his favorite subject because he is good at it. Watch his video.

Collin – Collin likes spending time outdoors exploring places like the forest. He likes to peel back the bark on fallen trees and look at the bugs. He enjoys learning about cool things in nature. Watch his video.

I Belong Project - March 2024

Elijah – Elijah’s three wishes are “to be adopted, to be cared for even though I get older, and to have a great life.” He thrives in math and science, and he often finishes his classwork ahead of his classmates. Watch the full video.

Essie “Elias” – Essie is very personable and is able to communicate needs and preferences to others. Essie would love to live in the country or a small town. Essie is open to any family dynamic and would love to have siblings. Learn more

Grant – Grant is a creative young man who loves activities that reflect the creative arts such as crafts, drawing, and coloring. He also has a very active side where he loves karate, soccer, remote control cars, and being outdoors. Watch now.

Jayla – Jayla is loving and outgoing. She likes being around her peers and playing with other children. She particularly enjoys riding her bike, going to the playground, working on crafts, swimming, playing baseball, and playing dress up. Watch her video.

Jer’Darius – Jer’Darius is looking for a forever family that will sing and dance through life with him! He is a sweet young man with an amazing smile. He loves little dogs, especially teacup poodles. Watch the video.

I Belong Project - March 2024

Jesse – Jesse can be shy at first, but he is outgoing once he gets to know people. He enjoys a range of activities, from basketball and technology. – and likes a variety of foods, from burritos to spaghetti! He aspires to be a registered nurse when he’s older. Learn more,,,

Jonathan – Jonathan is a kind young man who gets along well with others and makes friends easily. Jonathan likes sports, particularly baseball. He also likes animals. Some of Jonathan’s interests include traveling, going to arcades, baseball, football, basketball, and video games. Watch his video.

Josh – Josh is a friendly, fun-loving young man with a wide streak of silliness! He needs a forever family who is ready to have adventures together. He would love to have siblings and a mom and dad who will play video games and build Legos with him. See his silly side!

Samantha – Samantha is an intelligent young person with an engaging personality. Samantha is talented musically and loves to sing, dance, write songs and play a variety of instruments such as recorder, African drum, guitar, piano and more recently learning how to play violin. Meet, Samantha!

I Belong Project - March 2024 partners

Special Thanks to Our Partners

We are deeply grateful to our partners who made this special day possible:

  • Host: The Orchard Church
  • Interview Videographers: James Allison and Russ Turman
  • B-Roll Videographers: Grace Meek and Leslie Meeks
  • Photographer: Chelsea Wall
  • Lunch: TAG Truck Center
  • Kids Gifts: Collierville First Baptist Church
  • Custom Cookies: Blondies Treats
  • Social Worker/Foster Parent Gifts: Penn Home & Design Co
  • Therapy Dogs: West Tennessee Therapy Dogs

Their generosity and support have helped create a memorable experience for these children, capturing their unique personalities and stories with care. We hope these stories touch your heart and inspire you to consider adoption. Every child deserves a place to belong.


  1. Is Elisha wanting a large family or small? I have adopted several but 5 remain at home. Three boys and two girls.

    • Hey! We’d love to answer your question. Can you specify what child you’re inquiring about? It looks like autocorrect may have altered the spelling of a name.

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