Collin – TN01-31674948

Collin enjoys time outside and learning cool things about nature.

Collin is an inquisitive young man who enjoys collecting and reading about dinosaurs. Collin is outspoken, opinionated, and has a wide vocabulary. He values adventure and creativity. Collin is great when it comes to arts and crafts. He likes spending time outdoors exploring places like the forest. He likes to peel back the bark on fallen trees and look at the bugs. He enjoys learning about cool things in nature.

Collin’s favorite subject in school is science. He wants to be marine biologist when he grows up because he enjoys being in the water. Collin enjoys learning and reading. His favorite books are National Geographic, dinosaur books, or other books about nature because he enjoys learning about how the world works. He also enjoys futuristic science books. Collin’s favorite music artist is Powfu, with his favorite song being “coffee for your head.” Collin also likes the video “Sad Animation – The Animals Life.”

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