WRAP Around a Foster Family

For over 20 years we have served as foster parents and for the most part, we carried the load ourselves, by ourselves. And while we were content with that, we had no idea the support and encouragement a WRAP team could offer us. Our church assigned us with a team a few months ago and I really can’t adequately express how they have blessed us. Foster care is hard on so many levels and it comes with such big feelings and emotional swings. Even experience and years of service do not excuse us from the emotional toll of sharing our lives with kids who come from hard places and trying our best to love them and their families well. Just to know that there is a group of dedicated individuals who are specifically praying for our family, our children, our foster children and their families is such a source of hope and encouragement to us. To have individuals check with us to see if there are tangible things they can provide or do or dropping meals at our home has been a support we couldn’t have imagined would be such a blessing. It has allowed us to say “yes” to more things and children, and it has encouraged us to want to say yes to more. Throughout our journey, God has always been so faithful to us to provide exactly what we needed, when we needed it to sustain us and to help us be able to continue to serve our families. We are so grateful he has given us with the opportunity to experience the blessings and encouragement of a WRAP team.


TN Foster Mom

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