New Year’s Day

It’s January 1st.

Maybe you’re cleaning up all your holiday decorations, vowing to get organized for the start of the new year. Maybe you’re reflecting back on the year that 2020 was, with a heavy heart. Maybe you’re setting some goals or resolutions.

As you look ahead and dream about what 2021 could look like for you- is caring for kids that need a temporary safe place on your radar? Is adopting a teen who has been dealt a rough hand, but longs for stability in the form of a family and consistency?

Like many of you often tell us- YES. Those are things you think about all the time, but you aren’t sure if you’re ready. If your spouse is ready. If your kids are ready.

We get it. Foster care isn’t for everyone. There is so much more you can do to make a huge difference for children in foster care.

But if you paused on the idea of *potentially* opening your home. Here are some things to consider:

Attending a panel to hear more about it looks like to foster. Ask questions, get answers, zero obligations. Just authentic stories and accurate information. There is no harm in learning more.

Jan 21st- 6:30pm

Registration Link:

Feb 18th- 6:30pm

Registration Link:

Check out the upcoming trainings (ONLINE) offered:

Department of Children’s Services:

Visit : for more information, and to see calendar of Private agency training options and other resources.

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