Foster Friendly Businesses in TN!

Our TKB Business Impact Program launched in April, 2019 and we are starting to see benefits across the state for our foster families! The program is a network of local TN businesses that are committed to helping foster families. They may provide free or discounted products or services, “foster friendly” HR Benefits, awareness, funding, internships or career opportunities for parents and children that are actively in foster care.

Hear from Sara Beth who fosters in the Smoky Mountain Region:

“January blues set in and I had the daunting task of keeping the kids age four to thirteen busy on a school holiday. Some days it is a little overwhelming thinking about getting out of the house with one me and all the kids. I know our large family with foster, adopted, and biological children draws attention when we go out and I for one am a bit self-conscious and would prefer for no one to notice. It is such a relief knowing that there are people and businesses who are supporting me and my family in our pursuit of giving Tennessee kids a place to belong. I took the kids to The Tennessee Aquarium in Chattanooga and found great support there at guest services accommodating my foster children. After a few hours at the aquarium, one of my newer little people had come to the end of his ability to hold all his emotions together and went into complete melt-down mode. We wrapped up our time there and searched for food.

We found Puckett’s Restaurant right around the corner from the aquarium and I was thrilled to see the Tennessee Kids Belong sticker on their door. This reassured me that the establishment was family-friendly and even more so foster family-friendly. When I talked about the sticker on the door with the waitress, she shared that she was adopted and thanked me for being a foster mom. She even helped my little guy put his shoes back on. In the thick of foster/adoptive parenting, it is encouraging to have a community of support behind me.”

Maybe you’re a foster parent in TN like Sara Beth. Print out our Foster Parent Identification Card and take advantage of the discounts at any of these businesses. We are adding new businesses often, so be sure to check back on our Partners page.

Maybe you’re a business owner or know of a business we should connect with. Find more info and apply to be a TKB Business Impact Partner today!

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