Foster Friendly Indiana Businesses

What Does It Take To Make Your Business Foster Friendly?

  • For all the coffee shops that thrive on the stream of mini vans rolling up to your drive thru after school carpool…
  • For the day spas, nail salons and hair stylists who help busy moms keep their cool…
  • For the dealerships that sell large-capacity vans…
  • For the photographers who specialize in teen portraits…
  • For family-friendly recreation and entertainment destinations…

If your business relies on kids, families and parents to grow, you have the opportunity and privilege to show up for kids and families in foster care by creating an exclusive service offering or discount to support foster families.

Here Are A Few Indiana Businesses That Support Local Foster Families 

Take a look at some of the businesses in our area that are foster friendly.

Supporting Foster Families Isn’t Just A Heart Issue; It’s A Smart Issue

You likely get requests every day to sponsor this or promote that. It’s hard enough to remain profitable these days, so how do you discern what to say yes to?

It really comes down to understanding your why. Here are three reasons that a commitment to support foster care makes good business sense.

  1. Non Controversial Social Responsibility – Caring well for kids in foster care is one issue everyone can get behind that garners broad-based support.
  1. Generational Impact – Investing in foster families has the power to create generational change. Businesses that support foster care are helping create sustainable change in foster care.
  1. Significant Community and Economic Impact – When kids in foster care age out (at age 18) without a stable, loving family they are at greatly increased risk for 10 social wounds that directly impact our communities and they’ll require an average of $300,000 in social services over their lifetimes.
Foster care often leads to other long-term social wounds

How We Appreciate And Acknowledge Your Business’ Support of Foster Care

When you choose to participate in our Foster Friendly App we do our best to recognize and appreciate

Here are some of the ways we do this:

  • Showcase your business on the app.
  • Feature your logo on our website
  • Profile your business on our social media platforms
    (LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook) at least once a year.
  • If you’re interested, we’ll also produce a video story about your business’ commitment to be Foster Friendly to further promote the business’ support of the mission.

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