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Foster care is one of the most compelling and impactful causes your business can support not only to demonstrate social responsibility, but to invest in improving the well-being of the community in which your employees live and work.

3 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Foster Care

  1. In a world where most topics are divisive, we all still agree that every child deserves a home and a family to care for them.
  2. When kids age out of foster care without a family, as more than 20,000 a year do, the pain and trauma continue in a range of other social wounds. (See graphic.)
  3. Foster care is an upstream issue. When we connect kids with supportive families and communities it breaks a generational cycle and creates healthier families for the future.
Foster care often leads to other long-term social wounds

Become A Corporate Sponsor

When you sponsor Indiana Kids Belong you’re helping improve the experiences and outcomes for kids in foster care in three key ways:

  • 1. Family Recruitment
    We inspire and activate thousands of parents each year to say yes to foster care and adoption.
  • 2. Community Engagement
    We are building Foster Friendly communities across the state where businesses, faith communities and civic groups wrap around foster families to help sustain them in this important work.
  • 3. Coalitions for Change
    We help government, business and faith communities work together, collectively improving the conditions for those impacted by foster care.

Sponsor Levels

GIVING LEVELPlatinumGoldSilverBronze
Annual Investment$50,000$25,000$10,000$5,000
Corporate responsibility content for your website
Digital badge
Sponsor gallery on website
Lunch ‘n Learn for employees on foster care2/year1/year1/year
Social media shout out (100,000+ platform)2/year1/year
Showcase your Foster Friendly Story on video
Employees invited to IBP Video ShootsAccess for 4 employees at video shootAccess for 2 employees at video shootAccess for 1 employee at video shoot
VIP seating at events

Sponsor Levels

Your Investment At Work


Faith communities are partnering with Indiana Kids Belong to support foster families and train staff to be trauma-aware.


Foster families supported by their communities in a new and profound way through the Foster Friendly App.


Kids’ stories captured via our I Belong Project™ videos since 2019 to help connect them with adoptive families.


Kids matched with adoptive families via I Belong Project videos 


People inspired to take the next step and inquire about adopting a child via I Belong Project


Businesses offering discounts or special services to children and foster families via our Foster Friendly app.