Anthony 8763

Anthony is a sweet kid with a huge imagination!

Anthony is an outgoing child who doesn’t know a stranger! He’s a sweet kid with a huge imagination! Anthony loves to spend time reading books, or being read to. Other activities he enjoys include coloring, building LEGOs, or doing puzzles. Anthony wants to go outside and play everyday! His mentor said that Anthony has a big heart. Anthony can be a little shy when you first meet him, but he’s friendly and can be a good friend!

The family that would be best for Anthony would be patient, nurturing, loving, and affectionate. They must be able to provide consistency and have an understanding of how trauma affects a child. The ideal home would have either no other children, or only children his age or older. Anthony would benefit from outings in the community that allow him to experience new activities and further develop his social skills. Potential parents should expect that it would take him some time to transition into a home environment and to develop a secure bond. Anthony is a friendly child who is well liked by his mentor and as well as his teachers!

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