Foster Friendly Faith Resources

Half of new foster parents quit in the first year; many cite a lack of social support.

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Introducing Our Faith Toolkit

The needs of your foster families are as unique as the giftings and culture of your community itself. We created these resources as a jumping off point to help you discern how best to integrate Foster Friendly best practices into your community’s culture and outreach to vulnerable kids and the families who care for them.

Remember, people of faith are three times as likely to adopt and twice as likely to consider fostering than the general population. Your support can have life-transforming impact.

Best Practice #1: Trauma Awareness

Becoming Trauma Aware

Free, one-hour trauma awareness course

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Trauma Aware Guide

Companion to one-hour course.


Hope for the Journey Conference

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Find a local TBRI Trainer

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Best Practice #2: Offer A Support Ministry

Foster Parent Assessment

Start A W.R.A.P. Program

Foster Family Support Groups

Foster Parents Night Out

Best Practice #3: Teach On Foster Care and Adoption

Sermon Resource Guide


Sermon Outline for Foster Care Awareness Month (May)