Bryan, Ben, Elliot, 6167-9

“I would describe a family as protective and caring.”

Bryan, Benjamin, and Elliot are close and well-behaved Caucasian brothers who get along well with other kids and enjoy playing sports. Bryan and Benjamin enjoy playing basketball while Elliot enjoys playing football.

Future college student Bryan, born in 2008, is an intelligent, kind, soft-spoken, and caring teen with a photographic memory who enjoys reading books and learning new things at school where science is his favorite subject. He also enjoys interacting with his teachers and participating in auto engineering and anime clubs. When not at school, Bryan enjoys listening to rock ‘n’ roll music, playing video games and ‘Scrabble’, and being in nature. He also enjoys watching documentaries, comedies, and basketball, football, and baseball games. The Miami Heat, Carolina Panthers, and any Tennessee sports team are his favorites.

Benjamin ‘Benny,’ born in 2011, is a kind, sweet, gentle, lovable, and compassionate child who loves babies, sensory toys, being outside, and dribbling his basketball. He also enjoys putting puzzles together, listening to pop music, and watching cartoons, ‘Ninja Turtle’ movies, and wrestling matches.

Future doctor Elliot, born in 2016, is a smart, observant, gentle, and loving child with a good memory and a desire to learn new languages, like Spanish. He enjoys building with LEGOs, putting puzzles together, running, playing tag and video games, and listening to pop music. He also enjoys watching ‘Sonic the Hedgehog,’ ‘SpongeBob SquarePants,’ wrestling matches, and soccer and football games. The Eagles are his favorite team. At school, where he earns good grades, and interacts well with his teachers and peers, and his favorite subjects are math, reading, and science, Elliot enjoys spending time with his friends, reading, working on a computer, and snack time.

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