5 ways the Church can impact those in foster care right now!

Hi Faith Leaders!

The health and economic implications of the COVID-19 crisis are rightfully at center stage right now, but just behind the curtain is another concern: vulnerable children and teens.

Most children will not suffer the dire health effects of the virus, but too many at-risk children will become secondary victims.

While social isolation is critical to preventing the virus’s spread, it can have devastating effects on vulnerable children and families.

Here’s 5 ways we can relationally engage children and families in our foster care community.

Please use the provided graphics and text on social media and newsletters to encourage your faith community and spur them to action. We would love to see these sprinkled throughout April and May for Child Abuse Prevention and Foster Care Awareness Months. Reach out with any questions. We are grateful for your unified voice!

Save the graphics, copy and paste the text, and use the hash tag #fosterfriendlyTN on social media platforms.

1. Foster Parent Training

Have you been thinking about becoming a foster family? NOW is the time to attend a virtual information meeting. There is expected to be a huge influx of kids entering care this fall. Be ready. Be trained and certified to meet that need as it happens. The Department of Children’s services have moved their training online to make it more convenient for potential families. Many private provider agencies have done so as well. For upcoming trainings and to register, visit https://www.tn.gov/content/tn/dcs/program-areas/training/tpd/fpt/t/potential/infomtg.html?fbclid=IwAR3ndt39wKf5aUl7dbObQtFK04VpPA-KSVKWHXDL-P8AXwiAR1gctPK3lmc

2. Wrap Around Foster Families Remotely

Do you know a foster family? Let’s do our part to care for and sustain them in this time. Check out https://www.tnkidsbelong.org/post/caring-for-foster-families-remotely for ideas on how to “WRAP” around them relationally, while remaining physically distant.

3. Now Is The Time To Become A Trauma-Sensitive Church!

Communities of faith have a great opportunity to provide hope and healing to those impacted by trauma, grief, and loss, especially in the areas of foster care and adoption. They can also do harm if they have unrealistic expectations of those affected by trauma and loss. While TKB looks at trauma through a foster/adoption lens, there is a global need for the church to understand and address loss and trauma associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wednesdays in May / 1 PM – 3PM (CST)

Weekly Topics:

Week 1- May 6th

How Trauma, Toxic Stress, Loss, Abuse & Neglect Impact Development

Week 2- May 13th

How to Create Environments & Interactions That Foster Healing & Attachment

Week 3- May 20th

How the Language We Use Surrounding Foster Care & Adoption Matters and How to Connect

Week 4- May 27th

How to Impact Behavior, Building Resilience, and Hope for the Future

Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZVCN_eOQT92p00D5jo8QAg

4. COVID- 19 Foster Care Prayer Guide

This week, we would like to invite you to use this guide- https://www.tnkidsbelong.org/covid19prayerguide to pray for the people most impacted by COVID-19 in your foster care community.

5. Meet the Kids!

Meet TN children who are in need of an adoptive family. Share videos in hopes that just the right family will see.

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