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Zach says he wants to “be a cop” when he grows up “because I want to save the world.”

And one thing he wants people to know: “I am kind.”

Zachery, “Zach”, is a creative and imaginative young man. He hopes to be a police officer in the future. Zach loves being outdoors. His favorite outdoor activities are riding his bike, playing football, playing basketball, playing hide and seek, and playing cops and robbers.

Some of Zach’s favorite indoor activities are playing “the floor is lava”, playing Uno, and playing catch. Zach also enjoys playing dodgeball, kickball, volleyball, soccer, and wall ball.

Zach has stated that he would like the opportunity to try out for football, basketball, soccer, hockey, volleyball or a baseball team. Zach’s favorite book is Spiderman. His favorite movies are Spiderman and Max. His favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.

Zach’s favorite games are Uno and Connect Four. Zach loves sports and his favorite sports teams are the Tennessee Titans, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Chicago Bulls.

Zach likes to play the electric guitar. His favorite songs are “Old Town Road” and “Uptown Funk.” Zach’s favorite foods include macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, Ramen noodles, scrambled eggs, cookies, cake, ice cream and chocolate-Oreo donuts. Zach loves to help with cooking and baking.

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