Skott TN01-25351291

Skott describes himself as smart, funny and nice. He enjoys drawing and coloring in his spare time, and likes to use his imagination when building his legos and creating stories. Some of Skott’s favorite foods to eat are pizza, cheese puffs and green vegetables expect spinach. He does well with listening to his teachers, and benefits from getting one-on-one attention if needing help for an assignment. Skott’s favorite subject in school is math, and he wants to go to college to become a scientist when he grows up. Skott dislikes being bullied and not being heard. He enjoys having a structured environment. Skott needs a loving family who might already have kids, that are nice, caring, clean and supportive. Skott said he would like a big house with a swing set or clubhouse because he likes to “pretend it is a bat cave”. He wants a family who he can play games with and celebrate the holidays with

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