Josh TN01-29013665

Joshua is a happy and lovable young man. He likes music, particularly music with strong bass tones. He reacts positively when music is being played. Joshua loves going to school where he was recently nominated the Valentine King! He enjoys spending time with his friends and schoolmates. He enjoys playing with his toys and interacting with people. He likes it when people talk to him and give him their full attention. Joshua brightens up and smiles when he is around people. He enjoys swinging and spending time at the splash pad under the water fountain.

Joshua’s current caregivers describe him as a young man who is full of joy and love. They are thrilled to be a part of his life, and they look forward to continuing to help him grow and learn until he finds his forever family. Joshua travels well, and his caregivers enjoy providing him with opportunities to experience lots of new and different activities.

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