Jaden – TN01-12180452

Jaden prioritizes trustworthiness and loyalty above all else in a potential family.

Jaden is a fun-loving child who enjoys spending time outdoors with family. Jaden cares about others immensely and wishes for a family to return the love he has to give. Jaden would prefer to be in a more rural community with opportunities to participate in sports such as football and basketball. Jaden likes to play basketball, write music, doing graffiti style drawing, exercising, and playing video games. Jaden enjoys watching scary movies and TV shows, especially The Walking Dead and most alien/sci-fi movies. He enjoys listening to rap music. Jaden loves animals and would like to be placed in a home that has pets. Jaden especially enjoys eating shepherd’s pie and reports that is one of his favorite meals. Jaden enjoys going to school and does well academically. Jaden is spiritually connected and identifies as a Christian. Jaden always presents with a positive demeanor and enjoys talking about his different interests. Jaden has reported that he wants to be placed with a family that loves him for who he is. He prioritizes trustworthiness and loyalty above all else in a potential family.

Jaden is open to any family that will love him and support him unconditionally, traditional or non-traditional. Jaden loves pets including dogs, cats, insects, and reptiles, and he hopes his future family does too. He would love a family that will support him in pursuing extracurricular activities like football and track but also have plenty of time for game nights and bonding (as he loves a good game of Uno or Sorry!).

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