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Welcome to Kentucky’s I Belong Project gallery. I Belong Project uplifts the stories, faces and voices of kids in foster care who are eligible for adoption to help connect them with families. 

We host video shoots across the state and take great care to ensure we are providing a safe, fun and therapeutic environment for the kids we have the privilege of serving. We strive to ensure every child’s story is treated with dignity and respect. 

We encourage you to take time to meet some of Kentucky's amazing kids If you are interested in adopting you must have a completed home study or be a licensed foster parent before your inquiry will be considered. If you don't have either of these prerequisites you can get started here.


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Your commitment to creating positive experiences for our foster children is commendable. It’s events like these
[I Belong Project] that remind us all of the transformative power of love, connection, and community. Thank you for being a beacon of hope and for making a lasting impact on the lives of these remarkable young souls.

--Kentucky Case Worker