Cameron F0209

“What does family mean to me? They’re there for you in tough times”

Meet Cameron! He has a lot going for him, but he needs the one thing most important to any child – a patient, permanent, and loving home. Cameron is a handsome young man with an amazing smile and a great sense of humor. He can be kind and caring. He is creative, funny, and likes to make others laugh.

Cameron can easily figure out how things work, such as computer/home apps. He is willing and wanting to learn. He can easily retain information he has learned. Cameron is open to meeting new individuals and new experiences. He can be affectionate once he forms a bond.

Cameron loves to play outside and can entertain himself in playing outdoors. He is imaginative and very curious. Cameron enjoys small projects and arts/crafts. He enjoys listening to country music.

Cameron has made great strides in his life. There is no telling how far he can go with consistency, love and stability.

You could be that home that offers all of that to him! Cameron is waiting for a family to give him the love and stability that he deserves – his FOREVER home.

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