LaPlata County Foster Care

Foster in Colorado

The LaPlata County Department of Human Services is excited that you have shown a desire to assist LaPlata County kids. As we all know, it takes a special person to be a Foster Parent and we are thrilled that you may be an addition to our team. 

If you want to support the children in LaPlata County, please call and let us know of your interest in fostering.

To learn more about foster care in LaPlata County, please call:

(970) 382-6150

We Offer Valuable Resources and Experienced Guidance To Help You Explore Fostering

Colorado Kids Belong is not a placing agency.

It is our goal to help recruit foster families across Colorado and help people find the right fit for them.

Contact our Recruitment Manager, Courtney Williams, for help determining which option might be best for your family:

Email Courtney